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It takes only a thought to rejoice. It takes courage to sorrow. It exposes your weakness. 
But to grow, is to bestow your strength and embrace your weakness. 

Love · Life · Fun (IV)

A Year half-progressed.  Let’s sit down and write/read with me.

June has always been a bump, of all the months in a year with the birth month curse. However, I’d kicked off with a vacation of which I have work hard (on my body) for. A vacation planned in advance is a vacation body-works-worthy, because a fit body can reasonably be achieved in 6 months! (And then perhaps rest for 6 months before another summer vacation kicks in in 12 months.)

Oh-la-lah~ Summer vacation!

Bamboo Island

Krabi, Thailand is a remotely urban island which in recent years getting flooded by tourists. Nonetheless, it’s a good destination for its low expenses.

but it can get (too) crowded. ☹

Moving away from the beaches (pun intended), Emerald Pool is another interesting spot with naturally emerald mineral pool,

which is also overtly crowded.

Luckily, 800 meters away is a gem worth the visit – Blue Pool.

A preserved pool with no swimming allowed (thank god they save this pool!).

Here are the rest of the fun:

Legs for sale

Hot babes not for sale

看我的飞毛腿 (Look at my flying hair leg)


Well, in order to support the luxuries, we as hooman have to come back to reality. Life has been changing and it continues in a way I hope, to change someone’s for better.
Because the change being so drastic and the effort to sustain being cumbersome, I was asked if I regret the change. Not in a single way.

Life is not to regret your decision, but to proof it’s right.


To proof it’s right and continue to believe when hope shakes.






淡淡的花香轻轻指引前进的路。偶尔,超速的步伐使我晕厥,我歇下脚步。坐在花圃中,我忽然想起什么。 “你在追逐什么?” 我这样问着自己。于是,我却步;我想永远留在这花圃中,老死。但我想起了枯叶——花也将凋谢。于是,我继续往前追去,坚决的。

发丝飘散,泥泞满面。 我褛布阑珊的来到,香气愈发浓重。透过门隙,有一线光亮。轻轻敲了门,我耳朵贴上静静期盼脚步声的趋近。 我忽地惊醒,仍在丛林;门前。扶着门我站起身,用力推;大门无衷。我往口袋伸手,期待掏出钥匙;不果。 你在门后抛出引索一丝丝勾引着我到来。

我疲惫地在你门前盘桓,想想该回去。但回去的路已模糊,眼前没有丛林却见一片黑。 筹措、无奈,我在等待大门为我打开;筹措、无奈,我等待大门打开。


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

✌ Yeay~ Just hit 10k views! One step on the moon!

Before moving forward to 2015, gotta wrap up 2014! I had been invited to an event at Robinson’s The Heeren back in early October (Yes, I know I’m super slacking on updating!) by Don from a local cosmetics distributor. Don also runs a blog!  (=

We were greeted by Ryan, the Regional Education Manager at NUXE. (Psst! Super loving my L’oreal Bloody Mary Matte Lipstick!

NUXERyan Lau,  Nuxe Education Manager

Back to a little history of me and Huile Prodigieuse®. I received a 10ml sample in one of my beauty box probably back in January last year. I wasn’t paying much attention to the dry oil because I don’t particularly like to use oil (I use it after my swim, on my hair only).

After all the education (by the cheecky Ryan), I’ve finally mastered the ultimate knowledge to unlock the goodness of Huile Prodigieuse® (Okay, a l’il exaggerate. But, you get it!)! The title of the post pretty much says it all for this prodigious oil. So, I’ll skip to my usage of the oil.

Hair Nourish:
NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® Hair Nourish

My overnight hair (not expired, fret not!) frizzy resulted from the turning and tossing in the morning refusing to get up.

How to Rescue?

1. Spritz oil onto palm and lightly rub over hands (as if you’re moisturizing your hands)
2. Run hands into hair (think you’re on the beach and you’re sexily tousling your hair)

and tada’ah! I have tousle, beach hair!

Now, if you realize (means you have been reading some of my posts), I’ve always been in a hard relationship with my skin. Let’s see if how this oil provides immediate relieve.

Skin Moisturizer:

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® : Dry scaly skin
My dry scaly skin

How to Rescue?

1. Spritz oil onto palm and lightly rub to warm the oil
2. Press oil on affected skin (remember not to rub over dry skin as friction WILL worsen you condition. Been there done that!)

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® : Press on skin

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® : Relieved skin

After applying Huile Prodigieuse®

I’ve also been using the oil for my face since I’m sleeping in the air-conditioning room to prevent moisture lost during the night.

An overall 4★ out of 5 because of its convenience and immediate relieve for dryness, no more packing up moisturizer, body lotion and hair spritz!

It Ends Tonight: Pirate King, Candy Crush and Those Never Ending Game Invites

From your acquaintances to close friends, games invitation keep coming in. To the acquaintances, you couldn’t bother; to the close friends, you couldn’t tell them straight to their face, so you put up a timeline shout-out hoping those (not so) smart a**es can pack up and get lost pick up and not send you anymore invite.

However, life goes on – gamers gonna keep gaming and need more lifes to keep going (read: sending you invites hoping you can join their force and grow their force). And apparently, they are either too busy playing games or they just don’t give a f*ck on your shout-out didn’t pay much attention to your status update. So, why not we stop whining and end this life misery?

How? Here’s (my act of kindness to show you) the Step-by-Step to stop the (maybe*) annoying games invitations once and for all.

1. On your Home page, click on the Games icon/link on your left sidebar. If you didn’t see the Game icon/link, click More to show.


2. In the Game bookmark page, click Activity and next select Invitations.


3. Here, you’ll find all the games invitation you’ve received. Simply click on the cross button.


4. When you have successfully hidden the request, you can further select either to block the game or ignore all request from the particular sender (recommended for acquaintances).


5. I’ll always block the game. Hit Confirm. (Ignore option has never been practiced, use with caution.)


6. Block Successful window will be prompted. Close it to end the process.


*maybe you’re just out of status for update or seeking echo. In this case, you may continue your embarrass journey of shouting shout-out. Nobody cares, anyway.

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