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Monkey Business

Julia Roberts at the 1999 Notting Hill London Premiere. Looking prim with red sequin Armani number, grasping the attention of the world (in one way AND another).1999.NottingPrem

While every other women wish they have the courage like Julia, a few (good) aesthetician contacts might come in handy for those who aren’t such a big fan of au natural.

As much as I like D-I-Y, hair vanishing needs magic. So, I went to the witches. Speaking of which (pun intended), I’m gonna re-veal (view) their sorcery.

Adeline Face & Body (Jurong East)

I got a trial ticket to redeem either an EPL (E-light IPL) underarm hair removal or facial treatment worth S$39 from my step-sister. I chose to have the hair removal for the fear that they would wreck my face with some weird facial whatsoever. The trial session was a pleasant one and to not waste their hard-selling effort, I bought a package at the end of the consultation. The sessions went pretty well, result seems promising too. Each session would cost about S$88 (by dividing the total I paid for the package).

Here’s the climax: Things went all well until the 7/8th sessions (each session was usually recommended to be one week apart). I found my hair grew faster and denser after treatment. (Wait for it..) I further found out that they would recycle the cooling gel they spread under my arm for the treatment (to my horror!). I was suspicious because they would spread the gel on one side and carry on with the treatment, remove it, wipe the treated area dry; ask me to raise the other arm, spread the gel and carry out the treatment. The latter was always not as cold/cooling as the first and finally I SAW it (because they asked me to close my eyes during treatment, so I never open my eyes until this ONE destined day). They scooped the gel off my skin into a small bowl, put it on the trolley (then wipe the treated area dry; ask me to raise the other arm) take the gel from the bowl and use it on me again.

Though some of you might argue that the gel WAS used on me, what’s the big fuss? Lemme tell you what’s the big fuss about – I paid S$88 for one session, that would equal out to S$44 for each side of my armpit underarm. They might not be showing much, but they do deserve some dignity and better treatment.

On my second last session, they tried to persuade me to sign on another package so to have my hairy permanently out of sight. N-O.


In the name of beauty (laziness convenient), I tried another salon. I mean, S$38 for unlimited hair removal package – aren’t you buying (I’m not affiliated, trust me!)?

They offered a free consultation when you sign up for the package to determine suitability and blah blah blah..

blah blah blah.gif

I then fixed my very first treatment date. The treatment room is white, in fact, the whole place is white. They let me change into their spaghetti top (in case the gel gets on your clothes). Then the treatment began.

Cooling gel was spread under both of my arms, next they zap-zap my underarm with their machine, wipe off the gel and place cooling pad (imagine a full-padded NuBra) on each side and ask me to put down my arms. I would hold the pads for 2-3 minutes before they remove it to complete the session.

Each treatment range between 15-25 minutes and each treatment is about 2 months apart. Accordingly to them, the hair growth cycle asked for it.

I’m currently still undergoing this package treatment and hopefully hairy will go away for real ONE DAY.


Disclaimer: I do not get monetary compensation for these opinions expressed. They are also (usually) not the opinions of any/everyone else on the planet. So, use this review at your own risk!


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