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Saving Guinea Skin

First and foremost, I’d like to give my utmost, sincere apology to my skin. I’m sorry for the ill-treating and ignorance. Now that I’ve learned, I’m am wiser. Wiser to make judgments that work for the best of us.

Previously, I’ve spilled on about my skin outrage and solution/care I did to rectify the whole situation. However, most of the efforts were flushed down the toilet. Why? Because of the abovementioned topped with some curiosity.

Let us begin.
It was the celebration. Therefore, rose the need to look good great. Indeed, I did. Here’s the proof.


However, the next day..


I looked so cute, I know, just like a puff fish psst!!!!
That day, I realized. I have to stop. The urge to try every single mask. That addiction. Thus, begun my journey to healing.


Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel
– apply straight after my shower to cools and calms the irritated skin. It also serves as the first moisture locking shield.

Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream
– this a babe. Use it in air-conditioned room to prevent my dry skin from scaling.

Rosken Skin Repair Bio Serum
– I’ve only started using this. No significant result yet. However, I’ve positive feedback from a friend whom I recommended this to.

Organic Aid Vit E Moisturizing Cream (value pack)
– this one is used following the aloe vera gel. Non greasy, absorb easily.

Organic Aid Vit E Oil
– this one MUST be used together with the cream. It is so thick, it’s almost impossible to smear it on your face. Only use when skin needed extra care.
More on Organic Aid Products

Extra: Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
– for occasional out-breaks.

Going through all these just proved that sometimes, less is more (I mean, the putting on mask part cause h*ck that’s a lot of products I put on my face >_<


This is one week after the allergy. Taken in Indonesia. V(^_^)

While it is important (for girl/lady) to look good, be sure to know your skin and the products you use. Do note that all the above products are used catering to my skin needs, if they are not suitable for you, please discontinue. Better yet, consult a skin dermatologist.

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