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It Ends Tonight: Pirate King, Candy Crush and Those Never Ending Game Invites

From your acquaintances to close friends, games invitation keep coming in. To the acquaintances, you couldn’t bother; to the close friends, you couldn’t tell them straight to their face, so you put up a timeline shout-out hoping those (not so) smart a**es can pack up and get lost pick up and not send you anymore invite.

However, life goes on – gamers gonna keep gaming and need more lifes to keep going (read: sending you invites hoping you can join their force and grow their force). And apparently, they are either too busy playing games or they just don’t give a f*ck on your shout-out didn’t pay much attention to your status update. So, why not we stop whining and end this life misery?

How? Here’s (my act of kindness to show you) the Step-by-Step to stop the (maybe*) annoying games invitations once and for all.

1. On your Home page, click on the Games icon/link on your left sidebar. If you didn’t see the Game icon/link, click More to show.


2. In the Game bookmark page, click Activity and next select Invitations.


3. Here, you’ll find all the games invitation you’ve received. Simply click on the cross button.


4. When you have successfully hidden the request, you can further select either to block the game or ignore all request from the particular sender (recommended for acquaintances).


5. I’ll always block the game. Hit Confirm. (Ignore option has never been practiced, use with caution.)


6. Block Successful window will be prompted. Close it to end the process.


*maybe you’re just out of status for update or seeking echo. In this case, you may continue your embarrass journey of shouting shout-out. Nobody cares, anyway.

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