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Visual Update: It’s September


Finally got myself a very cool camera (self-assuring wtf! &:’P), the Fujifilm X10. Still waiting for the official camera-owner shot, apparently too dumb to manage the over-cool camera at the moment.


I’m finally sick.

Not exactly sick, sick. But it’s because of my aching tooth. I’m so thankful for the antibiotics! It was seven years ago since I last had ’em. The painkiller, don’t exactly need ’em but doctor prescribed, just in case I had to bang the wall to make myself bed at night.


Torrie & Sorrie

Yes, we did it again. Bought the same shirt. We had a little something for Converse. Gahh..


Isn’t she lovely?

Word can’t describe her cuteness Her cuteness is beyond description. I might as well shut up.


The Author.

There, there. The ever-so-cool-author-with-a-new-cool-camera-and-an-oh-so-cool-sunny-which-makes-her-even-cooler (author) of the blog.


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3 thoughts on “Visual Update: It’s September

  1. Jeni Johnson on said:

    Luv that you have a new camera and theat puppy is soooooo cute it’s looks fake. What breed and how old?


    • ^^ Yeap~ very happy with the new cami too!
      She’s quite old, perhaps around 6-8, I’m not sure. It’s a Shih Tzu. &:’D

      p/s: Did you change your blog’s layout? Just checked it last night (it’s been a while since the last visit), boy, I thought I went to the wrong site! &:’P


      • Jeni Johnson on said:

        Yes changed my blog format last week and I am loving it so much better! i adore dogs and I can’t believe she’s that age! Looks like a baby! :)


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