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The Childhood (First Draft 29 June 2011)

Let’s kick off with a little something about me, that not many would know.

I guess everyone started off his life as a child – where he develops the value of his life and leas to make decisions.

Born in Malacca and raised in Negeri Sembilan, I spent the first six years of my life in a remote estate. My parents had a grocery store, at the same time they were rubber tappers. They would leave me to the neighbour while they went out to the estate at the break of dawn; when I was a little older, they sometimes, brought me in to the rubber estate (if they did not, I’ll be stealing chocolate from the (my) store &:’b). In the afternoon, they would open up the store for business.

I was sent to a kindergarden with all Indians exept for me for my early education. I still remember the girl sat next to me was a tiny one and she always ‘fish’ (head nodding left and right when falling asleep while sitting, similar to one pulling the fishing rod) in the class. I still find it entertaining up till today. &:’D

I picked up Tamil during my one year in the kindergarden and was a fluent Tamil speaker back then. Too bad I forgot how to speak and read as soon as I entered primary school. When I was at the age of six and a half, my father decided to move back to Malacca and start anew. That’s when I started to live as a Malaccan.

Five years of examplary primary school life and followed the not-so-examplary secondary school life.

I’m glad that my childhood was an untempered one. To think back at it now, I sometimes wished that I did not grow up.


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