l u n a b y s s

TCC, Anchorpoint Alexandre

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon with me on a pleasantly pleasant mood heading out for a coffee with Mas Ter. Perhaps, a little anxious over the bombarding morning news. But, Mas Ter suggested a TCC cooffee lunch, so my mind was bubble-filled with Baby Crayfish Spaghetti (Bottom 2. Tried 31 weeks ago; Buffalo wings on top)!!


We were already disappointed to realize that TCC had decided to leave the item out of their new menu. What’s more frustating is that their service of this particular outlet is far far below average. We waited for 5-7 minutes before a waiter (Fang), came mumbling (to himslelf). It happened that he was telling us to wait while they clear the tables (it was 5.15pm and there was barely any crowd). We waited another 5 minutes before getting our seat.

Service crews were hardly attentive, we had to wave (like nuts) for 2 minutes before they attend to us on our ordering (bright side is, the waitress attended to us is rather bubbly). I’m not sharing on what we ordered, because this entry is, dedicatedly, to complain. (Thanks. And you may want to leave ’cause there ain’t no food review here). We had Fang attended to us when we realized that our drinks weren’t there even after we have done our dessert and main course.

His reaction,


“Our drinks are not here yet.”

“Did you ordered from me?”

(I swear I was furious) I raised my voice and asked nicely, “Could you check for us?” and turned back to find Mas Ter trying to calm my angst.

B*tch, please!


Food: ★★★

Price Range: ★★★

Service: -★★★★★


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