l u n a b y s s

Luna’s ♥

It tastes like vanilla, maybe strawberry, or chocolate, the taste of your favourite ice cream. It is enticing but it is cold. Nonetheless, it makes you happy! It looks good in the ice-box, but melts once you took it out. Thus, people hast, like they would have to, must hurry to enjoy it.

Love is like ice-cream. It comes in various flavours; those you like and those you dislike; but never a all-round perfect one. Just like prospects that come and go. Some are tall, some short; some fat, and some are thin; there are good looking ones, and there are not so good-looking ones; some smarty pants and some dumb ass. You like the tall one, but he’s dumb! Never mind, let’s try the smart guy. Ouh, he’s such a geek and he’s a fatso. None of the satisfied combination.

It tastes too good to resist, but you know it does not do  you any good. It is sweet, it smells adorable, one bite, it would give you a shiver and a sting up your nerves. Enticing as it is, love, breaks heart(s) and leaves(without thinking twice) you mourning without even looking back.

The ice cream melts, just like an apple would fall from a tree; people rush into love as they would rush for late classes. Pointless, as it is, rushing for late classes does not make you “early”; rushing into love does not, necessarily, make you happy.

It’s like making ice cream. You prepare the mix, cook and patiently freeze-stirring. In and out the chiller, up and down the mixer; you open up your heart, accept and cherish, every bits of happiness that you get from give-and-take.

It takes time, with the right temperature and ingredients to work; it takes time, with the right one and chemistry to work. You might fail, throw away the unusable, never your tools; you might fail, throw away the sorrow, never you courage.

This, is Luna’s love.

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