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Sabah, dubbed the land beneath the wind/breeze (negeri di bawah bayu), is the largest state in Malaysia (Borneo island) next to the first (like, literally).


We raced the sunset and touched down in a small airport. Not comparable to a world class international airport. But, there’s something about it that you feel safe in this place. Probably it’s home after all.


Yep, for west Malaysians.

West Malaysians need to get custom stamping entering the state. Nope, there’s no bias-treatment at this point, nor any after this. All we’ve got here is good food, good weather and good people!


Seafood for supper, noodles,noodles and noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just kidding, we didn’t had that much noodles though Sabah is really famous for her noodles.


家香生肉面 (Jia Xiang Fresh Pork Noodles)


Ken Ny’s mom steam pork belly with yam slices (芋頭扣肉).


Grilled Giant Cockles with Chili


Sunset by the bay (Tanjung Aru).



春卷肉肉肉圓面!That translate to spring roll meaty meat balls noodle. (Y) Yummehness beyond descriptions!

Behold! Below we reveal the highly anticipated mystery fruit – tarap!

The fruits of Artocarpus sericicarpus (also known as the pedalai, marang and johey oak)

We bit farewell to this land of noodles after 3 days of non stop food hunt and islands hopping!
And so lastly, I present you……….

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