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My 60 Seconds Valentine

It’s been a while since I last did a review. Thought of doing a video but was too lazy (Haa!).

Well, Valentine’s day might’ve been gone but it’s never too late for the TLC (for yourself, that is!). Here’s a review of my new found beauty verdict (though, it has been dancing at the back of my mind for a year or so). Let’s run some background before we start:
I’ve been struggling with a mild sensitive skin for a year. It happened overnight (literally) where I woke up with itch and red swollen patches. I started my rescue and soon discovered there’s little moisturizer which I could use. On and off, I tried some new stuff, but they all fixed me with a new appointment with my skin doctor. So, I gave up and rely only on bio-serum and baby oil. Occasionally (those monthly occasion, you know what I mean), I’ll have zits and breakouts. Aside from these, I have nothing to complain about my skin condition (but deep inside, I know it can be improved! pº_ºq).

This babe I’m about to introduce, was stumbled upon due to the industry I’m working in (it’s pretty impossible for someone not-so-skincare-fanatic like me to actually discover a high-end skincare machine as such). It’s pretty pricy to start with, so I was thinking maybe I’ll get it for one of the occasion (the real occasion, eg: my birthday or Christmas) real soon. The reasons I’m calling it a babe are:
1) It’s (baby) PINK!
2) It’s a Valentine’s present.
3) It’s from Mas Ter (my babe *prick*~~~).

Okay, let’s get down to work.


What I’ve got here is a Mia 2.


Brush head (l). Spinning 300 rounds per sec (r).

I’m gonna simply go through the routine, you can read the features and stuff on their site.


Wet the brush head (and your face) and pump one droplet of facial cleanser into the centre loop. Usually, I’ll rub it to foam a little before I put it on my face.


Place it on your skin, do not press. With gentle circulating motion, go over your face. It’ll be 20s on the forehead, 20s over your nose and chin and 10s on each cheek. There’s a indicator beep for each section’s timing (sequence as per mentioned), so no worries of losing track of time.

1 minute and you’re done!
Wash your brush thoroughly after each use. It’s water-proof, so go on run it over running shower/tap.


*Visual shown is for illustration purpose only.

Here’s goes the before (l) after (r). Pardon the light setting.


Pores are visibly NOT so visible. LOL. Effortlessly *dang*!


Here’s myself with brow and blush, even Moon’s in love!

Clarisonic is actually dubbed the acne clearing system (by me. I remember reading testimonial that it actually helps reduce acne and the skin sensitivity, too). For me myself (result varies from individual to individual!), aside from the reduce of visible pores, I have not been experiencing breakouts. Even before, during and/or after monthly occasion. Would say it’s a definite worthy investment.

Side note on caring of Clarisonic:
1) Brush head is replaceable, so no worries of worn out (and you have to buy a new machine pfft!)
2) It is suggested to replace brush head every 3 months (with the amount *kaching* saved for more [useless] skin care product, I think you can buy 2 [brush] heads every 3 months).

In case you wonder, here’s my facial cleanser.



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