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Hello Kitty Beauty Clean Set

Christmas is just around the corner! If you hadn’t any gift idea for your girlfriend yet, this might be one that suits!

Cleansing set so lovely that it is about to swept you off the feet! (Okay, I exaggerated!)

I’ve always been struggling with on-an-off allergy because of my unstoppable like to experiment with skin care (read: mask). So, my skin is kindda delicate. It needed thorough cleansing, but it needs more gentleness.

Here’s a great gift to do exactly what my skin needs. (They are now official! Wedding bells just around the corner! LOL) NO, it’s not because it’s Hello Kitty’s stuff!

Take a look:

4-in-1 sonic cleanser set! Just in case you noticed that there are only 3 washing heads, I lost the massager ball head, which looked like below:

It has been a great help for cleansing. I used to think that I’m not cleaning my skin well enough with manual wash, which tends to lead to over-rubbing (causing abrasion) and when that happened, I get itchy skin for the day. Nowadays, I wash with the soft sponge (yellowish sponge) twice (daily), without stressing my skin (note: do not press over skin when cleansing).


For daily cleansing.


For deep cleansing, eliminate dead skin cell well.


For massage cleansing. Apply light pressure (massage) when cleansing.

For Hello Kitty fans, here’s something extra~

Haiz~ so cute the packaging how to resist?

If you’re interested to try, both items are available at BHG stores (Singapore).

Stay lovely and merry Christmas!


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