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BIG BANG at 2013 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Pardon me. It’s my first F1 Big Bang event.

20 September 2013, Friday. Mas Ter has got some free tickets from his brother. So, I got to go, FOR FREE! *TGIFreebies!* We reached the practice ground circa 9.30pm and find ourselves comfort with beer some drinks. Walking around were angmos (foreigners) from many many other countries. Lucky the weather was fine. Might find myself feeble from all the hotness otherwise. (Yes, pun intended)

We checked in the spot where the cars make their turn and I only manage to capture red car. No other colour but red.

Red. Success!

Red. Succeed!

Blue. Failed.

Blue. Failed.

Black. Failed.

Black. Failed.

Urhm? Green? Failed!

Urhm? Green? Failed!

Amidst the walkabout, they (the organizer) have a display of some antic cars (with their owner guarding by side?).


Nevertheless, you can probably tell that, these, weren’t the reason I went down Marina on a Friday good night. (Yes! Gimme my bad boys. Now!)

2013 FORMULA 1 Singapore Grand Prix Entertainment Stage

Me and Mas Ter were standing far far behind the stage (I am, however, happy because the live TV is so awesome, I needed not to squeeze amongst sweaty VIPs), I snapped a few photos and give up to start recording instead.

Yes, you can have all my money. Please!

Yes, you can have all my money. Please!

Uhm? The dancer looks like Key.

Uhm? The dancer looks like Key.

VI-SeungriTaeyang, Big BangSUNG04



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