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Initially, I wanted to do a really nice entry on this one. However, due to neurons drainage, I decided to only do a nice entry. *nod nod*

Finally visited the not so appetizing outlet of 녀녀칙킨 (Ne-Ne-Chic-Kin, NeNe Chicken) with Mas Ter. The “cubicle” is way too small for comfortable chicken-eating. However! We were early and manage to not lose our seats to ah mao and ah gou sit at one corner.


We ordered Swicy and Snowing Cheese tender meal respectively.


You noticed the large frame portion my Swicy tenders mange to get. ‘Cause we think that the Snowing Cheese looked ugly and not appetizing the colour looked a lot nicer in the frame.


The pickled radish is super duper crunchy yummehlicious~!


The dark horse – juicy Snowing-sorry-I-Cheese-you tender. Must try! 4 thumbs up!!

Upon looking up the web, I found my happiness. I mean, 유재석 (Yoo Jae Seok), in NeNe Chicken commercials. And I felt a little ashamed for not realizing earlier. *아주씨 미안해요~!*ㅠ_ㅠ*


While 녀녀칙킨, I found in Star Vista~!

Oh! Their menu here:


For this nice post, you’re welcome! &:’}


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