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It’s in Your Hands

“Show me your hand. Right hand.” She said, holding out hers.

I put out my hand, slightly annoyed. She held it warmly. Her wristlets made a delightful crisp. She lifted up her face and gave me a warm smile. I startled.

She shook her head lightly and gave a deeper smile. I couldn’t help but notice her dimples. Birth defect. But, a charming one.

“It’s in your hand.” Almost a whisper.

I was bubbled with confusion. The smile never leave her face.

“Did you realized? These lines that hold your life, they lay in your own hands.” Her eyes firmed. “It is never God or anyone else who’s holding your destiny. It’s you. See, they all lay in your own hands.” She drew along my life line as she spoke.

I gave a little gasp.

“Your mind tells you who you are. Think brave, think goodness. Brave and goodness you’ll be.” She continued.

I gave her a little smile as I nodded. She gave me a kiss on my forehead.

“Good night, mom.” I closed my eyes and whispered.


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