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Celebrating Quarter Decade


My first ever customized birthday cake! This is so cool or what!


Had an early (Chinese style) celebration since I won’t be around on the actual date next week. Ja Pan trying to fit in with the food. And he dug in with pickled green chillies. He’s really crazy about it. We had to have it refilled. We had chicken and duck (proly the must-haves for any Chinese celebration), some mustard with gravy, drumbeat (oh, my auto-correct) crabmeat sticky soup (羹) and scallop in yam ring.


Erm. As if their birthday psst.




Got a fully customized birthday card, too! Much love for Vir Go for the hard work and effort! (Love ya, babe!)




Medusa, in replace of Picachu (sorry to say this, but life goes on, Pica. You dumped me first.)

There, I walked thru a quarter decade (minus 7 days). Hope to walk thru the next, and those coming with a heart always contented and be always grateful to live long and prosper (Gah, too much Star Trek.)



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