l u n a b y s s

Madam Kwan’s, Vivo City


The ambiance looks really fine.


Fact is, it’s as noisy as a market. 扣分!To make thing worse, the captain seated us beside one very loud foreign male patron and his girlfriend – chatting (I suspect gossiping) non-stop throughout the course, painful earxperience.


Vir Go ordered Nasi Bojari ($18.90). So-so, nothing fantastic given the over-rated price.


Ipoh Kueh Teow Soup for me. Just as I thought they act smart changed the name hor-fun to kueh-teow, I got slapped right on my face. It is kueh-teow. Chicken and prawn broth is just nice. (Only the broth is nice.)


Nice tiles. &:’}


Vir Go exercising her s-ergraphy skill.


Sweet(?) daisies.


Bubur cha-cha. (It has nothing to do with the dance, at all. If, you wonder.)


The sharpest yam cube I’ve ever seen in my life! Must be careful not to get prick on the tongue! *Ouch*

Conclusion? Grandma’s (Raffles City) is better.


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