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Barefoot Dining at Lagnaa, Little India

The traffic was high, in the abuzzed Little India. Buses passed by in high speed, people walking in fast pace. We took a turn at the corner of Tekka Centre and found a brightly lit street of busy night. (Okay, I’m trying to make it very artistic, don’t laugh!)

So, it’s been a year and 6 months I’ve been working in this neighbour land. Been up the hill,  and down to the sea (no, no, it’s only Aquarium. Mmm, I’d still prefer Aquaria KLCC, tho). But, have never step foot in Little India (only a few years back when I visited under a delegation trip. Stayed at Syed Alwi Street.).

What brought me here?? FOOD! &:’9

And so I heard it’s a really nice restaurant, someone wished to have stayed next door and come to have their food everyday, which I reckon better to get an Indian wife, no?

Like it says, you need to be bare-footed. (Image sourced from the internet)

The dining room, at upper level. (Image sourced from the internet)

Down-stairs is normal table-and-chair.

Down-stairs is normal table-and-chair. You can wear shoes here. (Image sourced from the internet)

No time for chit-chat, let’s see what’d they offer.

Appetizer - Appalam with Mint Sauce

Appetizer – Appalam with Mint Sauce. I always love plain appalam (note: I grew up in the estate with Indian friends, even went to an Indian kintergarden!), the mint sauce surprised me! It’s pretty refreshing.

Since there were only 2 of us, we didn’t manage to order much. We started with the egg naan, I don’t hate it, but it was stuffed with plenty of onions >_<.


I think we must have stamped “flemish” on our forehead, because the hostess make it to a point to ask, are we hungry. Fish tikka, our starter, didn’t happen to come before our mains #$%&^(*)!! (No, I wasn’t angry. Just hungry.)

Fish Tikka, Mutton Massala and vege Jelfreezi (duh, it sounds like McFrizzi)

Fish Tikka, Mutton Massala and vege Jelfreezi (duh, it sounds like McFrizzi). Mutton massala is a MUST try! Yummeh and one thumb up (’cause another is in my mouth). McFrizzi is alright. I thought the carrot would be a turn-off (I don’t eat carrot), suprizingly, it’s fine (I think it’s the magical massala sauce).

Ja Pan ordered this Karuvepilai Saadham what-ever, it’s curry leaves rice (Menu said it’s good for the eyes).

Karuvepilai Saadham (Curry Leaves Rice). Aromatic and and soft. Went very well with massala.

Karuvepilai Saadham (Curry Leaves Rice). Aromatic and soft. Went very well with massala. Thumps up!

They offered a few beers (type – Hoegarden, King Fisher, Heineken, Tiger) and all sorts of lassi. We didn’t get to try the lassi, I was too full!

We found these feets on our way back/out, walking towards the restaurant. Great thinking, but they shoud re-paint it.

One step too far.

One step too far.

Ja Pan trying the giant leap.

Ja Pan trying the giant leap.

Food: ★★★★

Price Range: ★★★

How to get there (LAGNAA) :


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