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啥咪‘蛇’? The Last for Draco

What’s a new year without some resolutions? A snake year! (read: snake/ 蛇, Shé; suppose in Chinese/Cantonese: shirk/slack)

Noticed that I had a few years with some shitty good resolutions. Check’em out here. One thing I reckon, I can barely remember after the third day of such. Who needs resolution anyway, when you’re nothing less than being next to perfect. (I think I can pick up being the arragont self real soon. Good thing! &:’D)

Heck the resolutions, I’m going to ride on the wave and touch the sky. Practice self assurance and confident is way more important than trying to prove self to audience. TYVM. Yes, I know I’m right.

Coming back to the last post for the year of Dragon (bye-bye 24), nothing grant to share (trying to be humble here, please aplaud. Gasp as you may.), but some great stuffs (wtf lol?). This, is the beginning of my entry.

What’s a new year without some bags? &:’\

Valdora Skull Clutch Black by Kayssa

Valdora Skull Clutch Black by Kayssa

Valdora Skull Clutch Sling

Valdora Skull Clutch Wrist

Valdora Skull Clutch Wrist

I’m even more excited than getting my Kate Spade for this (Sorry Katie, size doesn’t always come first. But, you’re one good h*ll of a bag okay!!)! Look how cool is the skull. The jaw even can move! (Sorry, I still can’t handle my phone camera, so no pics for you. ╮(╯_╰)╭) By the way, they are the same clutch incase you’re confused with the multi-straps/use/carry.

Skull detail.

Skull detail.

And what’s a new year without some pampering? &:’D

But, Becky by Secretive

But, Becky by Secretive

Okay, I’m a kind of a sucker for mask. I get really excited seeing them piling up. ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭

This new 3D mask from Secretive even got endorsed by 炎亚纶. Not a big fan, but if a guy can take care of his skin ah, there’s no reason why I can’t right? I’m a BIG sucker for mask with herbal ingredients, say ginseng, and this (green box) wild yam I really must have! It all happened when I first tried a wild yam silk mask and wake up in the morning like ‘who the hell put botox on my face?’, like, like, like I’m looking 5 years younger. So, I’m pretty impressed and decided to try everything with wild yam and so with other chinese herbal.

Speaking of chinese herbal, tadah! What’s a Chinese New Year wihtout some chinese awesomeness?

Lovemore Oriental Series - Black Pearl True White & Snow Lotus Revival

Lovemore Oriental Series – Black Pearl True White & Snow Lotus Revival

Okay, proly not chinese herbal but close. Both for whitening and they are silk mask. Silk mask, my dear, is the IT THING right now okay! Bong QiuQiu also raved about it okay! (‘okay’ flooding my post. (︶_︶))

What’s a new year without some hearty advises from Luna? <(  ̄︶ ̄)╱(._. )

Sleep early for good skin! Like, it’s really late now and I’ve got a bus to catch! So I’ll bid goodbye to Draco here, I’ll see you in the better year of Snake. 新年快乐、万事如意、身体健康、步步高升、心想事成!

Eh, by the way, you can check out the clutch at KAYSSA (can like their fb page also la, they give out free piece for each collection one, &:’P) and the mask can get from Watsons (selected stores la, don’t ask me where lolx).






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