l u n a b y s s

Listen Listen Listen

Psst! It’s my gag attempt (referring to title) to get you to my blog.

Here comes the real deal.

A common history was uncovered over a chat with my girl friend yesterday. Naturally, I looked back on the (my) past and tried to resolve. The past that I have let go off a little too easily; the past that hold some pieces of me and him. How’d I let go of someone I once hold dear to without a second thought of looking back. I just, can.

The memory I sealed, thought be gone was summoned. But, I turned and looked to realize that these hatred and love are dying stars in my universe.

Never did nor will I regret walking out of your life. Or, perhaps it was me letting you walked out of mine, which makes no difference (anymore) at this point of my life for it is this portion of my life that pushed me to where I stand today. It is the chapter of my life that I forever grateful for.

It is the foundation of, me.


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