l u n a b y s s



To be honest, I have no passion. Like, at all. I don’t know how it’s like to be all passionated. Things I do, I do ’em with modesty. I don’t look up too high nor I don’t put myself down, balancing myself on an equilibrium.

It’s dull to live like this. Sometimes I think to myself. So I thought I should hire. So I thought I can build it up. Starting with something that makes me smile, something little that grows, something that fills my heart.

2013 is gonna be awesome for me. *Duh!* I’ll dedicate a little of my time for my new founded page. 30 mins a day, I thought. So, here’s my resolution of THE YEAR. H*ll yeah..

To feed my page one photo a day. p/s: Closed on Weekends & PH pfft!

From here on, no matter how insignificant my day would be, it would not lost a moment in time.

p/p/s: the link is also found on my sidebar. (right beside this line, if you’re viewing it as the first entry)


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