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SANA Esteny The Massage

December was no doubt the busiest month of all for my 2012, with assignments pulling in one after another, friends gathering *boozing lah! Don’t try to flower* on times a week. It was not just work (and what ever entertainment) that dropped by, but also bellies belly. *ㅠ_ㅠ* With no time spared for regular exercise *Like I ever exercise regularly duh*, it’s only normal that I gain weight right? *Climb 10 storeys every day also beh sai (cannot) slim down!*

But behold! As here came my savior!

Esteny The Massage

SANA Esteny The Massage

Now, I’ve always been sceptical over sliming product. But what happened was, no matter how hard I worked out, there’s those fat that I just cant shed off! *pulls hair* Plus, ever since I start working, I’m just not commited to exercise as much as I did when I was in school.

And when every deed failed, you just have to seek alternative. What’s more was the wedding is approaching. Oh no, not mine (I WILL work my ass off for my own weddding, cross my heart!).

Just pick the cream up after shower and rub/massage onto concern area (like I did to my tummy and thigh). As I truly, completely trust the massage cream will work, I know this is not casting a magic spell over my fat belly, that those stubborn fat will zap away in one use. So, I only took my measurement after 1 week (of use) or-so.



&:’O *and yes, I used IKEA paper tape*

I am truly shocked. I know my thigh is slimmer but a whooping 10cm?! Gahhhhhhh!!! This is wonder!

See how gorgeous I look in my yellow dress now? *weeps* ~♥

Product courtsy of @SANASingapore, SANA Singapore.


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