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Best Romance: Top 3

#3 – Pride and Prejudice


Young, independent Elizabeth grew up in a modest family with her four sisters. With the arrival of a handsome and rich young man, Mr Bingley, Jane, the eldest sister fell in love. With Mr Bingley, came a proud and cold Mr Darcy. Elizabeth’s cold shoulder has cause much stir between the two.

Pride & Prejudice

My favourite scene

Read a good plot summary here.

#2 – ただ、君を愛して (Tada, Kimi o Aishiteru/ Heavenly Forest)


This is so complicated, I don’t even know how to start. Just watch it (click on image below)!

Heavenly Forest

#1 – Howl’s Moving Castle


Shy and beautiful Sophia turned into a 80 year-old lady. Courageous Sophia left home to found her lost love, a charming wizard whom without a  _ _ _ _ _ . Image below can direct you to the full movie. Don’t be shy, just click it! &:’}

Howl's Moving Castle

For book, click here.

All the above movies have one thing in common. The leading lady is smart, quirky and courageous. They pursue what they ought to believe is true. Along their course, true love awaits.

Pursuing love in reality may not be as simple as it is in a movie. But, thy shall not lost the courage. For every single step taken, draws you one step closer to what you pursue.


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