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Organic Aid® Vit E

It was only 2 months back when I had a major allergy outbreak. Eyes swollen, rashes under my eyes and all over the cheek *Oh god, I rather die! Then! But, not now.*

Lemme tell you why.


Pretty Monster

Left Monster Inc. and had started anew ever since.

After the outbreak, had tried everything just to relief the dry spots *yes! dry spots. At the corner of my right eyes, right cheek area near my nose and upper mouth (left) area. FML, then.* Dry skin flakes when ever I scratched, flying off like dandruff wtf! I started to try everything, okay, maybe not EVERYTHING, but most of the thing I can afford to try. From Vitamin E gel from Fruit of The Earth to erm.. I don’t remember what else I tried! *grump* That’s not important, because all of  ’em are useless, I mean, not helping my condition. So, I decided to go for something thicker/greasy/oily. Only that way can my skin retain the moisture to prevent those flaky (dead) skin. And yes, you bet I tried the aforementioned. I started only with the cream. Now, I’m using both the cream and oil.

Let’s see what are they about.

Organic Aid Vit E

Organic Aid Vit E Cream + Oil Value Set

Organic Aid Vit E

Organic Aid Vit E Cream & Organic Aid Vit E Oil

Now, you might be a little freak out by now with my thicker/greasy/oily description. But, behold!

Product Description

You better believe what it says!

When it says highly concentrated and you’re thinking of oil – greasy, slippery texture, you’re wrong! The texture is more like a thick syrup. The mixture proportion of the cream and oil should be 1:1 or 3:2. You’ll freak’n have a hard time trying to spread the mixture over your face if you have more oil over the cream.

Product decription *blah blah blah*

Organic Aid® Vit E Product decription *blah blah blah*

Most prominent improvement on skin would be the smoothness. Reduction of wrinkle and stretch mark is not observed (because there’s none to start with!) *psst!*

I’m giving it 4½★ out of 5. Better than Hxdx Lxbo (Man, after the first bott, the rest’s useless. ╮(︶︿︶)╭)

There’s no reason to stop using! &:’)


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6 thoughts on “Organic Aid® Vit E

  1. Farah on said:

    where dyou get the product? would love to give a try :)


    • Hi Farah, I bought it from Watsons, Malaysia. The cream should be around RM15-17 (couldn’t remember the exact price). Not sure about hte oil.. I got my set at RM50+. :)

      Hope this help!


      • Farah on said:

        Thanks for your reply!

        my mom manage to get the big one. can’t wait to try it out together with dalacin t toner. hopefully it would help to minimize my acne scars..

        loadsa love from Brunei!


      • Glad that you manage to get it! ^_^



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