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The Power of Photoshop

As you can guess, the photo below is photoshopped. But how much? We’ll see.

The power of photoshop

For exampling purpose only.

Friends know I do Photoshop (Yes, I’m not as famous as Xiaxue, heck, you can’t ruin a girl’s dream to look good, okay! I can touch up my photos, too). But, little know how far I can go. Well, the original intention of this post is to brag about my Photoshop skill (Though not master-skill, but hey, I can make difference!). But, I realized there’s nothing much to talk about. So, we’ll discuss about something else.

Often that we learned magazine cover’s photos are airbrushed. Those, are highly skilled artists’ works. What I’m showing here is not those commercialized skill. And mind you, this is not a Photoshop tutorial. Sorry if I’d misleadingly led you here.

I learned about Adobe software back in school, erm, university, where I enrolled my Bachelor Degree. Prior to that, I don’t even know what’s flash player. I was a Biology student, I know only peristalsis.

Let’s move on.

Most photos (of mine) I edited is to satisfied my vanity, to achieve more sense of self satisfaction when other praise of my appearance. I don’t oppose airbrushing (nope, not those deceiving magazine covers, no no.). If it makes you feel good, why not (nope, not abusing it to deceive innocent hot guy over the net, no no.)?

I’m not encouraging you to photoshop all your photos hey. Treat yourself good, make yourself beautiful (not airbrushing yourself beautiful all the time aye! Though a little won’t hurt *grin*). Afterall, it’s no one else’s fault you f*cked up life.

Truth to be true, there’s a number around me whose over-indulging in their little black room. Everything outside is too bright, too good, too positive.  Stupid they don’t know the existance of such thing called ‘shades’? they should proly stay in the grey like me, trust that nothing is completely good or bad. Apparently life is a choice. You choose to do and not to do. If  finger not lifted to change, why complain about nothing changed? You are responsible to you, your life.

Hmmph.. I thought I would make a delightful entry. *pout* Well, let’s lighten the mood with my original photo, aye?

p/s: pulls hair picking the original.
p/s: as far as I wanted to boost that I can Photoshop, I’d like to keep my dignity (by choosing a somewhat presentable image).
p/s: and it’d be rude to use other’s photo (just! Had to use my own, sigh).
p/s: a little touch-up is good. But, not to the extend to airbrush each and every photo (might as well just draw your own, as pretty as you wished).
p/s: because you know when technology’s down, all left is your skin-deep grace.

p/p/s: Now, you know why too much Photoshop is bad!



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