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[FREE SAMPLE] Bausch + Lomb SofLens® Daily Disposable

Redeemed a free trial from Bausch + Lomb last week and finally made my way there (there, I mean the store I picked. Yes, you can choose a store to pick up those lenses at your convenience) to pick up the lenses. *yeepy*free stuff*


It’s new with High Definition™ Optics that offers crisp, clear vision in low light condition. *so said their PR* I wonder how it will it goes with my already-impaired-astig-vision.

If you wanna try it out too, visit their sampling site. Promotion ends 9 December, so better hurry. *psst, it’s for those reside in SG only*

Let’s end this post with something healthy! ^_~


The End.


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4 thoughts on “[FREE SAMPLE] Bausch + Lomb SofLens® Daily Disposable

  1. Cherry on said:


    Do you have astigmatism? How are the contact lens for you? Will it make your eyes dry and is not suitable to watch TV and using computer while putting them on? I see that you brought 5 pairs home . Didn’t the optician tell you to try one pair on to see if your eyes are suitable for the contact lens?

    I want to redeem them too but am getting stressed out that the optician might ask me to try one pair on as I never wear contact lens before. Which store did you redeem yours?


    • Hi Cherry, yup I have astig. Haven’t try these tho. I had used B+L (monthly disposal), and they are fine, doesn’t dry my eyes (but, it’s still up to individual’s condition). Since these are daily disposal lenses, my take is it’ll be better!

      It is advisible to not wear lenses more than 8 hours/day. Wearing them to watch TV and looking at the computer screen is fine, and I’m staring on it (computer screen) now. :) If dry eyes occured, you can always relieve the discomfort with eye drops and you should take ’em out if it’s unbearable.

      Since you have not tried ’em before, my advise is that you get the optician to teach/show you how to put ’em on. Or else you might get annoyed or stressed out (if, you’re not doing it right) just trying.

      I suggest you grab them first. If it doesn’t suit you, you can pass it to your friend, maybe? :) I got mine from some shop in Jurong East. You can get it from other shop near you, just check out the list.

      Hope this helps! ;)


  2. Cherry on said:


    Thank you for replying. :)

    Are you wearing contact lens for Astigmatism then? Because I read from someone that the optician told her that people with Astigmatism are not suitable for this contact lens as it is only meant for short-sightedness / Myopia.

    If you are interested, Acuvue is also having free trial contact lens but only 1 pair and have to pay the eye examination fee. But you can choose which type of contact lens you want e.g: for Astigmatism.


    • :) You’re welcome!

      I’m not wearing lenses with Astig (and Myopia). I believe by means of not suitable, it’s that your vision is not as good (as the soft lenses do not help to correct the astig condition [just the myopia] like a glasses do/can), and that will cause you to strain your eyes to focus.

      Usually I’ll just go for normal lenses (lucky my astig is not very bad). I don’t need a 6/6 vision anyway. But, if you’re concern, consult the optician.

      Thanks for the info, I’ll check ’em out. :]


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