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Daiso Natural Pack (for mask)

Tried today, the afore-mentioned.
The first blackhead removal set I tried and worked is from Sexy Look (hereafter refer as strawberry). I had tried Biore nose strip in secondary school and decided never to use nose strip again! All it did is leaving behind sticky residue on my nose wtf! Tried strawberry because me colleague highly recommended it (actually she recommended Lovemore, but of course I prefer the pink coloured strawberry lah wtf! Wait, I think that’s her. I simply try strawberry because she had tried kiwi).
Well, you spent $2, of course don’t expect a set of 3. To my suprise, the mask is made in Korea *촣아!* The texture is less sticky – easily spread over. It dries faster too.

*contrast adjusted to reveal clearer image of texture*
The peel-off is more paper-like. It doesn’t feel as strong as strawberry. But I think the fact that it is less adhered cause less pull on the skin while peeling off. Skin is softer and no oil emission(??) after peel off. There’s not much to pull out since my last session was on Sunday. But it did great on taking off dead skin! As seen on bottom right, whity.

My take? This sh*t worth your $2 alright


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2 thoughts on “Daiso Natural Pack (for mask)

  1. Jeni Johnson on said:

    Really cute tube!


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