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Beauty Haul

As seen from picture, I got myself a whole chunk of masks!

D*mn, I know I shouldn’t. But, these masks are just too good to resist! (ㅠ_ㅠ) I just kept on adding on to my existing ones. *somebody, STOP ME!!*

Lastest addition would be Sexy Look Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask and Lovemore From Taiwan (Limited) Firming Mask.

I mad heart the From Taiwan Series, cause the mask sheet is super duper thin, it sticks on the skin like.. a second skin (lolz?)! More over it’s freaking silk-infused!

Sexy Look Intensive Care Series is something, I tell you! It’s black, just like charcoal. Since it’s infused with activated carbon. No funny smelling. *The one I got for From Taiwan Series smells like ginseng, for some, it’s a big turn off, so you might wanna try the others such as the rice wine (sake), aloe vera, barley milk or mountain tea.*

Also I have with me, are the strawberry blackhead pore cleanser set, Sexy Look Sexy Doll luminous & energizing masks as well as Lovemore new Direct Import series (South Pacific Gold Pearl for whitening, Mediterranean for firming & whitening, French Caviar for anti-wrinkle).


p/s: and cute little Hello Kitty Hydrating Mask too!

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