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It’s Now or Never : Update

I’m not sure if this is the right word to describe my laziness but I’ve been caught up with life lately. So much going on yet there doesn’t seems to have much to talk about!

Been wanting to blog about my birthday. Heck, there’re just too much I don’t know where to start off. It’ll probably comes out only next month *keep fingers crossed*.

Hmm, I guess you’re curious. So, I’m gonna show you my chio(pretty)-est birthday photo ever just incase you REALLY curious. *wtf, so vain*

Damn Chio and I know it

Well the only thing I could really update now would probably be my return into the Korean scene. *뭐?!!* I mean, what I meant was, I’m surfing right back on the Korean wave. It feels like this: ~~~ *&:’\*

Hopelessly into Eric Shinhwa right now! Digging through their clips from back then and watch how these hotties grow old man. It’s funny how much fun *재미있어!* to watch them doing silly things. I’ve gotta say I’m envious of them! Not because of they’re famous, not because they’re cool and hot really famous *8 out of 10 of my friends don’t know them, now that’s ridiculous!*. It’s just because they really have fun doing what they do (if it’s an act, they do deserve a big applaud) and they just stick together, literally! &:’P 14 years of friendship is not a very big thing as compared to my almost-life-long-17-year friendship with CN Joan, but it’s great enough to awe. &:’)

Do you have such a long great friendship? It’s almost like air – you’re taking it everyday unconciously. You won’t be missing it, ’cause you’ll just be doing it. *wth, this is really random, talking of friendship all of the sudden!*

Okay, I think the conscious mind is not in the perfect state now. Gonna sign of with my new found love here!


Shinhwa Broadcast MT

* click to watch. it’s a GIF *



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