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The Art of Contradiction

Complicated, as I would describe myself. But now, I found another fit. The easiest way to explain, is by going through this list below:

1- I dislike onion in my dish, would pick them all out for my apetite sake. But, I eat onion rings. To justify, onion rings are some blardy food!
2- I dislike carrot. Action taken to be refer to the above. But, I drink carrot juice. Justification: carrot juice is a freaking drink!

It is believed that the list could stretch a scroll but for your reading sake, I keep it short and sweet and I believe you get what I am trying to convey here.

Because in life, you can always choose from Black, White and Grey. I see the point of Grey’s existance. To fill in the spaces in between. Life is not about Left or Right, I mean, Wrong or Right, there’s always that fine line where everything impossible lies. Because with time, things change. There is no certainty that is certain. With such contradictions, we find space to argue; with such contradictions, we find limit to challenge.

Thus, my life is ought to be living with such contradictions.

p/s: I hate garlic. Kindly note that no argument will be entertained regarding such fact.


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