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Luna’s Lesson on Life: Living Dos & Don’ts Pt. 1

Sometimes, the best way to help is to stay out of it.

Often times, you find your friend in the midst of a crisis, so you offer help, with or without their consence – because you are so compassion, care so much about them.

Often times, you expect a big hug after your kind-do. Yet often times, they went missing. And sometimes, you don’t even hear from them anymore.

The big O? They don’t need it, especially when it comes to PEM (Personal-Emotional Matter) be it on the bright side, or, the not-so-bright side. For that it means your friend don’t need you to be their life tutor.

So, they called you in the middle of the night crying; so, they MIA for a month from your group gathering. Be it. Don’t get me wrong abandoning your friend, they do need you. A friend (not the believe-me-i-know-life-better-than-you tutor). But, but – I’m just saying – where are you coming from? Do you step in in the purest mind?

Let’s not discuss your motive, ’cause you can simply make it up. But do think, what push you to step in? Do think, why.

To sum this up short and simple – Don’t be so kepoh, in other words that all literate living being can understand – mind your own business.

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