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Review: Durian Chendol

I have been a big fan of durian ever since, like.. forever. However, I’m quite a sceptic when it comes to the (any) by-product of the King.

Being far away from home, from away from ‘the’ source and supply, my taste bud is in despair, longing for the taste. (Okay, okay, I exaggerate. But, I swear that the description doesn’t fall far from what I really feel).

Mmmm.. *wait!* I smell something~ *turn left and right* (Okay, okay, I didn’t smell it. Just happened to pass by Durian Mpire, and can’t resist the call! &:’P) Although enticing, but as a sceptic of durian by-product, I can’t help but stood there and despise the satisfaction they can offer.

*wave for waiter* Opps! No waiter, self-service, please. So, a durian cream puff was ordered. The puff is soft and the cream is.. Eh? Sorry, we ordered the chendol. Yes, we! The $5.80 chendol portion is way too big for single consumption. Well, of course, if you have a god d*mn big apetite, I’m pretty sure being selfish won’t hurt.

Now, where’s my shaved ice?! What is a chendol without ice? (You think by putting a few straws of that green stuff you can declare yourself chendol ah?) Right, no sign of ice shaving machine in sight. Means no hope for ice in chendol for me. *pout*

Blabbing for so long, am I trying the chendol or what? Yes, ma’am/sir. YChian try the chendol now. (Yes, you can imagine me speak with Philipino accent. I’m fine with that. In fact, I was, in my mind, spoke that with the pinoy accent.)

So? The taste? Marvellous!! I swear I grinned so big that the chendol almost dripped off my mouth. I swear. It taste purrrfectly like how the fruit would taste. The texture is fine and thick-creamy with brown sugar. (Excuse me, I grew up in Melaka. You don’t confused/tricked me disguising gula Melaka.) Aromatic. It’s so f-i-n-e!

Only flaw in this bowl of perfection would be the red bean paste. (Halo, what are you doing in my chendol?!?) Taste bad and weird and don’t go with the rest.

Rate: 4/5


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