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Update: I Lost a Friend

It’s been a while. I know, I know, that’s what I said each time I came up with an update. So, beat me.. It’s a fact. Don’t argue.

I bet you noticed. The flood on my Facebook wall. (Waoh~) Yes, I’d been sad, deep soaked in sorrow. Okay, that’s a bit exagerating. Just, sad. (Maybe still am, but I’m not quite sure. ’cause my heart doesn’t wanna talk much about it.) Classic me, full of everything when I’m by myself. ’cause it goes naturally give away when I’m not (alone). Guess that explains.

2012 started off well. Too well that it slipped my mind, the risk of felling off the cliff up the top. What’s on the top? I don’t know. That’s what keep me pursuing. That’s the beauty of unknown. (Wonder why I never did realize this during my add-math class.) I bet it happenss – the less you know about it, the more captivating it is, the more you want it. Of course, it got to be something, at the first place, sparked your interest.

I need no sympathy. I know all of you are full of compassion. But, it doesn’t really work on me in this case. (My utmost gratitude, fellas. *hugs*)

Though I fell deep down to the bottom. Although what I built was torn down. Although it seems that I have lost me; I can climb up again. I can rebuild my fortress and castle. I can find me.

Before that, I want to be by myself, be with the one that never will turn back on me.
Before that, I want time.
Before that, let me be.

Before that, I lost a friend.


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