l u n a b y s s

The Dark Secret

2 souls, 1 quest and a broken heart.

It’s hardly a week. Yet, it felt like a thousand years. “What’s the matter?” I secretly wished that someone would ask, so that I could cry and eventually roll out the story.

But, my pride won’t let me do.

I am too strong or that.

But, my lips don’t hesitate to keep sealed.

I thought if I could give as much as I could and would, things will eventually work out. Never do I realize that, what I put in, only return in words of sorry.

I have mistaken your silence as acceptance. Although I see doubt. Although I see uncertainty. I convinced myself to be patience, to believe, hoping that my premonition misses. It was not until too late do I realize my wrong.

I was even too late to save this. Too late to tell you what I want; too late to repent. You overtook and marked a full stop, leaving no chance of arguing.

Where is the time you promised to spare for me? Where, is your love?

So I sat and wept.

Then I lied down and cry.

Hoping that when I wake up, it was just a dream. Reality slap me hard with this fact that I have zero chance of arguing.

Nothing has changed. Only my heart being set sail from its harbour. So far away that I’m not sure when will it reach home.



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