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What’s Up in the City of Lion

Here’s my first quickie from Singapore. Had only been working for a week or so, slowly picking up at the job.*I think I’m terribly slow despide the fast pace of my environment.*Well, furk id, I live my life.

Singapore’s been a great city with the super-thumbs-up transporting system. But, of course, everything comes with a price. Nonetheless, it’s a peaceful place (with high living expences) to live. Now, let’s cut it with the living, it’s not like I’ve been living here for years or what.

Work loads are on their way, so I’m preparing myself for a blast. Hey, I’m finally leaving the jobless life, don’t blame me for getting all excited about my first real job. It’s going to be whole loads of learning with a..well, little stress.*Looking at the incoming sales support request*Was slapped with the shocking news of the dreadful atrium event*God, help our poor soul if you’re reading this.*Amen

But, that’s reality. And like I said, reality feeds us, not our dreams. So, beat it and live with it.

Till then, cheers~

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