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Be Grateful

Lately, the weather has been a little crazy. Sunny one moment, thunderstorm the next. Maybe not everywhere, but that is the case here in Cyberjaya. I was caught-in then for a heavy pour just when I was about to call it off a day in the office. I think the sea has yet to be comforted following the 8.9Mag earthquake back on the 11th.

It’s kind of sad that people only talk of appreciation when they have encountered a lost. Well, I am not particularly talking about the Japan Tsunami, do not get me wrong. I am referring to life as a whole. Your life, mine, and everybody’s. “Count your blessing”, “look at what you have rather than what you don’t”, you have probably been listening to that a lot. But, to actually put it into practice, is a whole different story.

I did an entry titled 请把快乐建在别人的痛苦上, I said, you build your happiness upon others’ suffer. It is sadly true that only through comparison, will people learn that how blessed they truly are. We can read a thousand books, we can learn a million tricks and be smart. Truth is – being smart is not a way of life. But, being wise is. My mum did not even graduate primary school. She is not smart. But, she is wise. Wise enough to go on, earning her life. She does not whine about how bad her life was/is. She find ways to work it out.*respect*

Me myself has been thinking a lot about my life. I am 23y/o this year. I would not say that I have been through a lot, but I am sure I have live through life a little on the tough side. A time were I impeach my life. Is this it? Is this all it? I had been a little suicidal. Life was really rough. I wanted to finish it. I am thankful to my cowardly nature that I am still here, able to blog and talk about my life.

This may sound ironic, I am not a God-believer, however, I believe in Fate, or rather, Life. Believing is a  strangely strong force. Just as the Placebo Effect. Your life is all about you, how you live it out. If you think your life is a disaster , it will unlikely to turn out a bless. Smile, and tell yourself one thing so good about yourself everyday. Take it to the heart, remember it and believe it. If you can not convince yourself how good your are, you probably would not be convincing anyone.

If you are not considering taking the slightest effort to improve, I say you should move to an island and live the rest of your life there alone. Because the fact that you are reading this piece of sheet just proved that you are luckier than millions of people out there (whom you do not have the slightest idea of their existence)  who has no access to the world of literacy let alone the world wide web.


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