l u n a b y s s

traeHfoneeuQ (I Bet You Can’t Pronounce This)

STOP! I know you’re still trying to pronounce it. But, save yourselves some trouble. It is not meant to be pronounced, anyway. If you’re following me in Twitter, you know this is my user name. I used to go by the name of Lunabyss. When I looked it up recently, it is no longer available. Geez, I thought I claimed exclusive rights for that name. *sigh* Now it belongs to a dude name Mike Bass, who has 3 tweets. *Whaaa?*

Never mind that now.

For those who has yet to figure out the name, it is Queen of Heart, the reversal. Now, I am not trying to be witty, reversing it. QueenofHeart would not be available for me, anyway.

Never mind that, either.

A name pretty much says about the owner. So, I am saying, I am the queen of heart*. Psychotic, narcissistic, cold and beautiful *akhem*. I think everyone, I say, everyone, has a psychopathic self inside. Mine happened to be the queen of heart. I am guessing that the reversal suggest the reverse characteristics. You say, ‘cuz I am not very sure of the good sides of myself.

*heart, not hearts.

Reason behind each lengthy, word-ly entry, there must be one. *I think I am out of my mind, using weird language form. But, it is sort of poetic, ay?*

Never mind that!!

I want to revise about name, talk about identity.

I am mostly called-by the name “Yee Chian”, “Teo”, “Small” and sometimes “Alice”. “Alice” is only use by Take, Joanne and Ashley.

When people greet me, ask for my name, I will tell them “yChian”. Most people will have problem pronouncing/saying my name. But they try, sometimes come up with funny pronunciation. &:’D However, sometimes, I will come into people that ask “Do you have a Christian name?” I would smile and say “No”. But, the monologue in my heart says “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY NAME AGAIN?” There are people who tend to ask for a Christian name (for Chinese, like me. I don’t know if this happens else where but it happens in Malaysia), because they cannot remember your name, particular case here, mine. Reason? I am thinking that because it is not a common name. It is not Landy, Mandy or Nancy. It is more difficult to remember by comparison.

I am somehow irritated by such ignorance by the other party. I find it disrespectful. When people tell you specifically their name, say it, remember it. Do not ask for otherwise. It is like, “mother” is “mother”. You don’t ask if you can replace “mother” with “chingchonglinglongtingtong”, do you? A person’ s given name is irreplaceable, it is unique, most of all, it is the mark of identity.

Be respectful.


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