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Life is about Appreciation

I have finally come to the lyric of the song, thanks to stareway, that I can finally post about the life appreciation matter that bothers me lately. Though it’s not wholly complete, but you can get the idea. This is, by far the most inspirational song (to me). I guess the lyric pretty much does the talking. If you’re still complaining about your life after listening to this song, guess you really don’t deserve one.

Click here for the song and here to download 2010 HIP HOP CENSUS whole album by MC Jin and others. It’s an awesome album what’s more it’s free.



If I ever make millions and millions of dollars,

Imma give it to the people who need food and clean water.

People struggling to feed their sons and their daughters,

act according to the will of my heavenly father.

No need for flossing, indulging often,

as soon as we’re born we’re headed straight to the coffin.

So why do we store our treasure on Earth,

revolving our lives around the way of the purse.

Revolving our lives around the weigh of the wallet,

abandoning our children to be full-time workaholics.

While we dream about the type of car we like to be driving,

there are people in this world solely concerned with surviving.

While we yap about who got the freshest kicks and shirts,

there are people in this world who sleep on the dirt.

The size of your bank account doesn’t define who you are,

whether you roll in Rolls-Royce or a regular car.

God judges you on the purity of your soul,

whether you provided warmth, when others were cold.

Whether you provided food, while others were starving,

or you were too busy and brushed them off as a burden.

The devil has his own agenda, he keeps on pushing.

Keeps up on that 40 keepin hell in that cushion (?).

Ya you hit it hold it in for a minute, watch as the world fades and you become apathetic.

Life is beautiful as it is even when we are sober though we prefer intoxication and snorting that coca.

Swallowing that ecstasy that MDMA,

killing off our brain cells while having fun at a rave.

Grounding ourselves with alcohol and liquor,

bringing death to our liver, getting sicker much quicker.

Smoking on that cigarette till our lungs get cancer,

human beings are also lost cuz they don’t know the answer.

(chorus) If I ever were to make millions, whatever may my motives be.

Would I do it for the cars or the clothes, and them shiny things.

Would I open my eyes to see, the pains that reside, the feelings inside

help them find all the tears that have fallen, it’s my goal if I ever make millions.

(???) keeps lying medias got it twisted, they tell you to be greedy and materialistic.

They say sex is love, no need for a marriage.

Trying telling that to a child who doesn’t have any parents.

They say that cash money makes the world go round,

that’s the reasons why drug dealers deal drug by the pound.

Rappers encourage you to hustle until your pockets grow fat,

try saying that to a baby born addicted to crack.

Money and sex are all you need to have joy,

why are the lives of celebrities destroyed.

By scandals and divorces, drug over dosage.

They lead lives that are hopeless cuz they lacking the focus.

Now I’m not encouraging all of you to be poor,

in fact money is power and can be used as a cure.

But use that power for good,

and always make sure that your thoughts and your motives and your actions are pure.

And to be perfectly honest, no I’m not a perfect guy.

And I’m guilty of the things even I just criticized.

So call me a hypocrite, cuz that’s exactly what I am.

But while I’m still on the mic ima make you understand.

We got three meals a day, a roof over our heads.

And for that alone, you and I are more than just blessed.

Late at night, you and I lay comfortably in our bed,

while there are people in this world that are starving to death.

Sometimes we ought to live more simply so others can simply live,

the least we can do with our money is simply give.

No need to be a Gucci man or Louis Vuitton don,

as long as your clothes keep you warm when you put it on.

No need for Lambos or Bentleys or cars that drive fast,

as long as your car move when you press on the gas.

No need for expensive food whether you grill it or boil it,

cuz no matter how much you pay it’ll still end up in the toliet.

(Jin) check, Jin, picture me on a day, when I make a million bucks,

I’ll be swimming in money like my name was Scrooge McDuck,

take my fam shopping, buy em’ all gifts and stuff.

After that private limousine would come pick us up.

I know that sounds superficial, and quite typical.

But all these years of hard work, could start to get to you.

I’ve seen my mom stressed out about which bill she should pay,

watch my pops in the kitchen, sure he felt like a slave.

Still he stood firm and did what a real man would do,

provide for his family, see that’s what I plan to do.

Best toys for the kids, for the wife a relaxed life,

if they want it it’s theirs, they wouldn’t have to ask twice.

Learn to put myself last, the ultimate sacrifice.

In return a big piece of chicken, wouldn’t that be nice?

That’s way down the line, let’s get back to the present tense,

if I did make a million dollars would it make sense?

For me to blow it all in such a frivolous way on things I probably don’t need.

I really wish I could say, instead of spending it on myself,

I would give it away to those that need it more than me and not just live for the day.

Although that’s not realistic, I solemnly swear,

I give what I can when I can for as long as I’m here.

See the thing about money is you can never have enough,

and when the funds run low, life just seems extra tough.

To see the rich get richer, it’s just eating at your pride.

But guess what the cash is always greener on the other side.

Whoever told you money can buy happiness, they lied.

Your bank account may be full but your emptiness resides.

Learn to accept your fate with arms open wide,

life is all about the journey, might as well enjoy the ride.

So even if I don’t make millions, I know I’ve tried,

as far as what I need. I’m sure God will provide.


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