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Goodbye 2010



I’m bidding goodbye to my phone, eh no. I’m bidding goodbye to 2010, yeay~ because 2010 is not a very fun year either. Or, should put it this way – I get to grow a l’il  older wiser, and better. Isn’t that something ought to be celebrate? Damn! I’m already this wise!!


Now now, I’m not really bidding off my phone. I just got a new phone! Walahh!! It’s a SɅMSUNG Wave~ For free!! Yes, I repeat – FREE!! Finally after 4 years, I’m getting a new phone. Am I good at taking care of phone or what?! Like I said, not giving it up – gonna  make use of every penny I’d spent on it use it as long as it is usable. It’s a model SGH-E690, if you ought to know. And yes, I have the white one. It’s my Baby-S, anyhow.. I still (S)ayang [love] it, okay!


As for the new Wave, I’m still getting use to it. Yeah, I’m not a geek, such highly-technolized gadget gets me.

You probably have seen it a gazillion times else where, so I’m not showing you much. Downloaded a theme, Postage Leather, from the SɅMSUNG Apps and of course other fantastic application such as BMI Calculator, SUDOKU, e-Postcard, Yoga Lite, Let’s Learn Korean with KBS, Broken Screen and last but not least the WAMO Camera! WAMO is the Category Winners of the Top Category   winners of BADA Global Developer Challenge (Urmm, what sentence is that? Doesn’t make sense. p/s: I copied it from the site itself, not my broken English ay!)!


Hmm.. I somehow feel like I’m advertising for SɅMSUNG. Pay me, please.


Well beat it.. Now, for a self-shot junkie like me, I put the camera as the priority function (it’s not like I got to choose anyway, it’s a complementary gift. What more can I say?), and test test, Jeng jeng jeng!!

I got to use the secondary camera (the one used for video call) for snapping thanks to WAMO, I don’t reckon any trick that allows snapping other than using the 5Mega-pixel back camera. Well, as you can see, the result from the front camera is somewhat saddening but heck, it’s good enough to be able to use that, while the 5MP is just plain superb! ♥


So, this is the last gift/blog of 2010. So long!

Happy New Year~



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2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2010

  1. apple... on said:

    hello there…
    Congratulation for your achievement in 2010…
    I also have the Samsung Wave for FREE….lalalala~~~
    me also one of the winner for BADA Developer varsity Challenge 2010..
    so far it was awesome mobile phone…
    But then…. the money I didn’t get..lalala~~~:(
    Gud luck dude n nice blog….
    happy blogging…^^


    • yChian on said:

      Thanks! Congrats on your winning too! &:’)
      I haven’t got the money yet either. &:’S
      I supposed you’re from the Green Polaris?

      Yeah, love the phone! *What to complain larh when it’s free. HAHAHAHAH*


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