l u n a b y s s


*Akhem* Before I start the class, I would like to share this. The Seven Universal Needs:

1. To be needed and valued–to belong
2. To be recognized
3. To feel hope
4. To be right
5. To be understood
6. To be important
7. To have power

We all have underlying needs and values that cause us to behave the way we do. Yet, each and everyone is so unique that we put different weightage on these needs. How do we place the need is important is totally individual-dependent. Human are brought up in different backgrounds, being exposed to different situation of life, thus no one man on Earth is identical (in thoughts) even they share the same DNA (such as twins). Over  indulgence in any one of these needs will lead to a situation I called hijack. How? Need me not to elaborate more, think with your brain la.. These individuals are so desperate to involve in your life (in any sense) and try to maneuver your life. In one way or another seeking for approval. From the look of it, it’s probably a  self-esteem issue. (And apparent they do not realize that).

Learn to respect, embrace and appreciate the differences between mankind, because that is the reason why the world goes round, that is the reason why we have colours, that is the reason why we have Discovery Channel, that is the reason why we have ‘I, you, we, they, Ali and Ah Kau‘, that is the reason why we live. Don’t try to change anyone  (Just like I don’t bother [respect] that you’re stupid and never try to change you?) for what you think is better for them, because they have the rights to choose their life, to be happy for falling in love, to frown for the bad decision made, to cry for a heart break, and get better and stronger from the lessons learned. It’s life. It’s their life.

Nonetheless, we all need some privacy from time to time. It’s not about being impenetrable, it’s about being yourself, it’s about having time to reflect and rejoice life. Life is not all about sharing, but also preservation. Do draw lines,  but draw them with pencil.


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