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7 thoughts on “等待

  1. ermm….it’s really meaningful…n i’m 1 of the “等待” member…hahah…the different is i dunno who is the person that i’m waiting for….wat i only know is reserve d place for that person in stead of giving away for others…


    • Darling.. this is lk buying shoes. If you don’t try it, you won’t know if it fits!! Try to open up la.. &:’)


    • Neo 尼奥 on said:

      Jen – maybe u used to shut ur heart too tight till now people nk masuk pon susah kowt??learn how to open it up,lil bit,maybe u can open it to your bestfren,ke kan??then try to give it a try 1st WITH CAUTION lah of course!! because we will never ever let anyone toy with your heart just like that..!!!

      so,it doesn’t matter who is that ‘who’,just do what you have to do when that ‘who’ did what he had to do to get you~ ;)


  2. Small : haha…dear..if u know that shoes just 2 expensive n u can’t even afford to buy it…so wat for u give it a try rite??haha…i’m not thinking negatively but this is how’s life goes…dun u think so??we hv to know that all d times…^ ^ ermm…dunno…maybe different ppl got different mind gua…

    Mat : haha…closed my heart too tight??i think never open it kowt..hehehe…..ermm…pernah kowt…but maybe ppl who comes to my life just can’t be patient…that’s y??hahaha..no la..i’m not blaming ar…or maybe it’s my fault coz i take it too long to move to d next step or i dun even know how to move to d next step????hahahha…..wtv la…if things belong to me…it won’t go far….else it won’t be long lasting….wakakka….fuu…ayat2 sy??hehehe…


    • Neo 尼奥 on said:

      wow,i like that statement of yours jen! too expensive..hihi,but some people sure does wanna try as well jen,coz at least they know,they have tried before they could just give up~ :) the best part of it,what they gain during their ‘trying period’ (experience) is priceless~ and teach them to be more stronger n more better~ instead of jst keep on giving up on everything without even trying.. huhuhuhu

      jen – hahah,it’s not about patient sometimes dear,it’s about grabbing the opportunity before it is gone~ time always go by,u can’t imagine what will happen tomolo~ so,a ‘diamond’ is in front of em,maybe they jst wanna take it at that time,before it is too late..

      but that’s the funny thing about time,even thought we are uncertain about what ahead,sometimes making our own timing really does not mean the best decision ever coz maybe we’re just at the right place in the wrong time,or at the right time in the wrong place~ LMAO! (ok,aku da bebel merepek)

      it’s ok jen..no matter what,i will always here for you!! mwahh! :) hihi


    • Trying doesn’t cost you a penny, darling.. &;’)


  3. wah…..cabut….mat membebel…hahaha…kidding la…anyway thanks ya…u guys r appreciated…seriously..^ ^


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