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Updates updates!!!! Up the highland, down to sea. Alright, we shall skip the highland part. No point keep repeating, right?

Life’s a fun package!!! At least mine is~

Life’s all about decision, isn’t? When you were little, you have to choose between chocolate or strawberry; when you grow up, you have to choose between skirt or pants. Well, you get the idea. What I’m trying to point out here is: Life is all about making choices, just how we choose to be happy over sorrow.

Now, let’s carry on with my super duper cool, fun-filling, awesome life story (ok, I know I exaggerated, but this is really how I feel about my life now. Of course, minus the project part >.<“). I am sun-toasted!!!! Heck, I had loads of fun. In fact, I am still not over it, ’cause I’m in pain!!! LMAO, this is the first time I got a body sunburn. Did not expected this at all, but it’s all worth it.

8/8/2010: MSU SQUIB joined Shah Alam Ultimate (SAte) for a beach pick up in Sepang Gold Coast. The weather was beautiful, breezing the whole morning. It started with a warm up session, then sea shell picking, I mean, 5-on-5 game. Haha!! It was super low tide, we had to walk 20 minutes to reach the water! We saw jelly fishes and a baby horseshoe crab!! It was a treasure hunting packed with surprises! Crabs were all over, and a dozen of weird sea creatures. *sigh* I poked my finger! The blood was all over, luckily we were not in a shark zone!! (ok, I exaggerated, again. But I did bleed, ok!)

Following up was the BBQ then water frisbee. We all went int o the water and had great fun!! Hah! Wish there were photos of us playing. *sigh sigh*

Sepang Gold Coast, the morning view

Warm-up session

and the bubble~

Getting the fire started

Chilling under shade. Where am I? Holding the camera.


Where am I again? Holding the camera.



and sunburn!

More to come..


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