l u n a b y s s

The Buziest

11/7 (Sunday)

The week started off with a few phone calls during work. Nonetheless, it looked just fine for a Sunday – relax and easy~

12/7 (Monday)

As usual, class at 3.00pm and I woke up at 12++pm. Get my laptop online and get ready for class. The atmosphere in class? Cold. Temperature wise and student wise. Class trip to Cameron Highland is on the weekend, somehow, nothing is really settled. Got another phone call for the Dean’s List ceremony cum Student Assembly. So, Tuesday is fully booked then!

13/7 (Tuesday)

Risen furk id early today despite the fact that I slept at 2 morning. Reached campus at 8.00am sharp, climbed up 3rd floor then the 4th to bump into Ms Sue who was heading to another class, instead of ours. *sigh*

Sat blankly at the plaza to wait for others and set off to breakfast. I would say that at this point is where my nightmare begun. Discussion during the breakfast has led to a new proposal, a few phone calls lead me to a great great responsibility. It was 1.00pm when I click “send” for the proposal. Due to a thousand and two reasons, the class trip was prolonged (by me). Rushed back home to get myself done for 2.00pm event. Furk id~

A tiny tweenie meeting was held to make announcement about the trip, so on and so forth. Everybody agreed, and I’m sort of relieved. Went home, get ready for tomorrow’s carnival.

14/7 (Wednesday)

Had to wake up early today, too. The carnival starts 8.00am. Went for breakfast before I head to carnival site. The day was nice~ and fun!!

MSU Club Carnival – Frisbee

Silat Performance

Guess what’s after all these tiring promotional events? T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G!!!!!! Our very first training with fresh new members!! GO SQUIBS!!!!! We rocks!! &:’b

15/7 (Thursday)

Presentation!!!!! I have done nothing for it!!!!!! Furk id!!! Rushing works. It paid off (by doing nothing)!! My design was rejected, and I’m glad! It is frigging ugly, nothing that I would like. And so, I return to my scrap, the one that I really like! and my supervisor likes! *Weeeee*

“Houston, we have a problem!!” We finally got the transport for the trip, and you biacthes said HWAT?? #$%^&  *No details here, sorry.

The end of the story? WE’RE GOING ON A 3DAYS 2NIGHTS TRIP!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!!! ^_~

16/7 – 18/7 (Friday-Sunday)


*Heart-beats-fast* Thank god everybody came!!! *relieved* The rest is history..

first night


first sunrise

BGD ’07


Bharat Tea Plantation

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