l u n a b y s s

About Weight

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the above formula. Yes, the BMI (Body Mass Index) formula. Now, the reason I write this is to accentuate my dissatisfaction upon the judgment on my weight. Yes, this is personal. (Duh, like the other posts aren’t!)

The truth is, I’ve been bombarded with comment like “you’ve put on weight”, “you’re so fat now” , “you’ve become fat already”, and the fact is, I am now 101lbs and 5ft high, that is 46kg and 1.52m, putting me slightly heavier than 6months ago. I want to justify myself. Desperately!

Now, if you would say I am fat, let’s make some comparisons:

Candidate #1

Candidate #2

Candidate #3

Candidate #4


D*mn!! What’s wrong with the world, man?! Human comes in all sizes and variety, so some one heavier than you is FAT? Furk id~

I don’t really care, but I am sick of people telling me that I am fat. I would reply “yeah, I’d put on some weight”, “really? Nah, it’s ok”, “I’m not fat, I’m just getting healthier”. The latest one is the one I use the most recently. Since my weight maintained at 46kg, my gum stopped bleeding when I brush my teeth, my menstrual is normal, I’m not experiencing short of breath and well, my jeans are tighter now. &X’P

Anyway, it is none of your business on how I look, isn’t it? So, it hurts your eyes. Why don’t you just shut your eyes, so that you can bang into that wall in front of you when you walk? That will minus me one annoyance!! Voila~

I couldn’t care less for how people perceived about me, from how much I read on the scale. I love my body the way it is now. Maybe, MAYBE there are slight dissatisfaction, but the overall satisfactory is still higher. Dumb b*tches who keep repeating that I’m fat when I’ve sent out “roger” sign can go to Hell. Seriously saying. Or stick the scale on their chest so that they can check (weigh) from time to time. It is either you are too dumb or YOU ARE TOO DUMB! Stop telling me what to do with my body. Don’t make me curse..

Beauty in the eye of beholder?

Now, some serious matters. By calculation, my BMI value is 19.9. This definitely absolutely falls under the normal value, check here:

Whites – underweight.
Greens – normal.
Purples -e overweight.
Yellows – obese.

This is a chart based on the WHO recommendation. Although some have argued that the chart should differ from contingent to contingent, but the organization insist that the readings provided should retain as international classifications.

You can check on sites to get a more accurate reading. Click here.


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