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About 2009

It has been 3 months since we celebrated the 1st of 2010. I have always wanted to write something, sort of a reflection. But the semester has kept me real busy. Today, I fare-welled the 2009 November Session and sit down to reflect. I had been reflecting all these while actually, it was just that I have no time to put it down and there are a loads to be cogitated.

So, where do I start? Shall we start with the grief? Or, shall we start with the joy?

Let’s not categorize that way, let’s just start with the tiniest. That would be my birthday. The big 21 is the most insignificant incident of 2009. Why? I don’t know. It just happened so. No cake, no card, no present and NO BIRTHDAY. (p/s: a grateful thank to those who wished me, your kindness is much appreciated) Frankly speaking, I felt let down. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR LETTING ME FELT SO ON MY BIRTHDAY.

Now, since the birthday is not much a big thing, let’s move on. Well, 2009 was not such a big year. Thus, I, here by end my post.

Blah!! Joking. But, honestly, 2009 was not a big one. However, 2009 has taught me one big thing. 2008 was tough, really tough. But it was all that. While being tough, 2009 has done a great job of being a teacher!

HOW TO BE A B*TCH, an ass-kicking b*tch!

It’s one thing to be a good girl (p/s: I’m not the Oh-So-Proper kind of good girl, so no mistake of good girl gone bad, please), another thing being a good and strong girl. In my context, it has not much difference between being nasty b*tchy and being b*tchy and being stand-up-for-yourself, so let’s just put it in the simpler term. By the way, I don’t think anyone care if you’re a nasty b*tch or a b*tch or a stand-up-for-yourself girl, they’ll, trust me, they will refer you as “the b*tch”. So, just chill if anyone calls you a b*tch, no big deal!

Well, it was a freaking retard that contributed to the lesson. So, here, I enclose my deepest gratitude for his thoughtfulness and I am deeply sorry for his retardation as well. So, he cheated on his now still-smooching-ex-girlfriend, my fault huh? So, he likes to loiter and eat out, spending his father’s money like nobody’s business, I am the gold-digger huh? Awesome! I didn’t even know that, man. Thanks for letting me know! Kam-sa-hamida!!

If I were him, I would zipped my mouth; not a single word for the what-so-ever relation-ed-ship. Too bad the s*cker just couldn’t live better without backstabbing me. Therefore, to not let down the “crowned title”, I sort of, fight back.

So, here some tips for yall b*atches wanna-be out there, on how be b*tch like a pro.

#1 If you never ever want to get caught for b*tching, NEVER b*tch about the same person to more than 1 person.

#2 Always back up your story with reasons, don’t b*tch b*tching. That is unethical.

#3 Don’t over b*tch. It’s unhealthy.

Furk id!!

So, this is my official farewell post to 2009.  Hope you’d enjoyed it.

p/s: I’ve also imported my old posts from the other blogging account. Feel free to read up. Adiós! ^_~


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