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Happy New Year, My New Year Resolution

2009 was a year full of ups and downs. In fact, too much that I lost count on ’em!! I spent the early half in gloom, depression; better towards the later half. Thanks to all supports given- mentally, physically, emotionally. You know you’d help me through the worst year in my life.

Well, I guess that everyone visiting deserves a “Happy New Year!!!”. Sorry it’s a li’l late.

Now, yesterday’s history. Now, let’s talk about today, the present, the gift from God(or, whom ever you think has given you TODAY). Today, I was awaken by a phone call, accompanied by a  sore body, with difficulty to rise and climb up the stairs! And so?? I’m still alive, still breathing, still gonna play Frisbee!!!!

For 2010, I see a better me. A *akhem* cuter me, a stronger me.

Drum roll, please… My New Year resolution:

#1 Study hard&smart, Play even harder!!
#2 Another Dean’s list

Last, but not least….

*drum roll*

Romance A.K.A Falling in love (for real, this time)

… because I know I’m ready…


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