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About Blaming

Now, where do I start? Or, how should I start? OK, people wronged, at times. Err, ok ok… most of the time! Ok!! All the time. How would people respond is my key point to be discussed here. In most cases, they’ll start blaming others. And my advise here(alright, I know I’m not that-so-very-wise to advise), DON’T!! What’s the point?? Since it’ll never change the fact that what happened happened. It makes you feel superior(blaming others)? Because you see their flaws. You see the flaws after the wrongs, and you think you’re good? S*ck it! You’re just as idiotic as the wrong, b*tch..

So, you don’t blame(practically can’t blame) others. Now, what can you do? Whom to blame for the wronged? Yourself, right? *BUZZ* WRONG!!!!! You idiot! Of course you don’t blame yourself! It must be something else(since it’s not someONE else). Just like blaming others, blaming yourself doesn’t do any help. It makes you depressed, it makes you feel guilty(like !(you should? Duh!), anything but good!! Foolish thing to do to yourself! Silly.. It’s like walking under the hot sun without umbrella and bare-footed on the tarred road(Ok, not the best illustration bout the situation, but you get what I’m trying to say here). Unless you’re masochist!! Which.. err, makes sence to your self-blaming.

We left no one to blame!!!! Now what?? Blame the non-living!! Blame the chair, blame the balcony, blame the rian, blame the cab and blame the ghost! Do you feel like you’re an idiot? Blaming dead things for a wronged..? You must be VERY stupid. *pity pity* They can’t even feel you, do you think they give a d*mn? Blahh!!! Now what? Now what? You cant’ blame ANYONE for it, you can’t blame ANYTHING…

DON’T BLAME!!! So, that’s all you can think of when things went wrong? Blame? Whydon’t you spend your time(that you use to crack your head to find the one to blame) to figure why. What you’ve done that it went wrong. It takes a load of INTELLIGENCE to conduct such self-inspection and it’s always easier to say that do.

So, how do you reflect? Duh!! Think of it yourself la!! It’s wasn’t me that need to reflect!!!


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