l u n a b y s s


khalil timeless

1. Mood:
6-spoonful of Milo for a cup! *Wee~* However, it’s a downhill-ing day, caused by the flu. *sniff sniff*

2. List three things currently inspiring you.
#1 Milo. Milo on any bad day is a total turn up!! ^^
#2 Khalil Fong. Weird though.. His wonderous vocal is really alluring. I can hardly get enough of it!
#3 Thursday. It’s the official off-day, like today!! Uhh hoo~

3. MAC or PC?

4. Gladiator sandals: yay or nay?
Nay. Though I have pretty toes, but it cut a few inch out of my 5ft height.

5. Lips and cheeks:
Lips- Mentholatum Lip Ice. Cheeks- Maybelline Diamonds Liquid Spoiled in Rubies (it’s a gloss! But heck!! I love the lasting effect)

6. What’s one quality you like about yourself?
Confident. (And people like it as well!!!)

7. Fragrance?
Lancome Miracle. Always wanted one, maybe get myself one this X’mas. ^^

8. Name three ways you’ve changed in the last 10 years.
Physically – I’m prettier. Duh!!
Mentally – I’m more matured and smarter by the day!! ^_~
Emotionally – Waaaayyy cooler and bad-ass than ever!!!!

9. Outfit?
*sigh* CAMAIEU  Long Sleeves in Dark Grey. Worn-out jeans. A day in the week that I don’t wear Y-E-R-R-O-W!!

10. Weekly goals:
Hit the next Thursday!!!! Yay~ It’ll be last one next week!! And I’ll be free!!!!


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