l u n a b y s s


Good day!!! You guys miss me? ^_~ Well well well.. it’s been a long time since my last post. You must have been wondering what’s going on with (my) life. Nothing much, just dramas~ Sick! Not going to talk about it here, else some chicken might put words on me blah blah blah. Doesn’t want that.. X’|

Guess most of you knew that I have a new celebrity crush – Khalil Fong.Just posted an entry concerning on the other site. Check it here: http://www.alivenotdead.com/yChian/–profile-786299.html?newpost_1

It’s in chinese, though. You could translate it here: http://translate.reference.com/

Though it might not translate all I have to say about him, but you can have the rough idea. ^^

Now, back to life. As I said, not much happening, but there are still, things I wanted to share. Good things, no point of flooding my blog with gross words ay? ^^ Ah!! I already doing it!! Sh*t!! Hahahaha… don’t care~. Now, let’s she what have you missed:

Won a giant plush (4ft) under my sister’s name. And so, the dog goes to her, for her birthday. (Man… I’m such a good sister) You can roughly estimate the actual size by the comparison there.

I had a super duper holiday in Malacca before my final exam. Aha! One week off the line, and a week of TV in turn. Great deal!! It’s been 3 months since my last break from Shah Alam. Yeah~ If you stay here, you need break. This place sucks BIG TIME!!!

Now, that I’ve start working(1 month) for Fr*so Gold, there are less time for rest, praying that the October ends fast, I mean.. FAST!!!!!! Oh, besides buzzing with work(not really THAT busy actually), I’m busy preparing a myterious present for someone’s birthday *happy happy* Might put up a “Guess-the-Present Contest”, too!! Hahahah~

Hmm.. Guess that’s all from me now, it’s time for praying already!! Kakakaaka… Take care, muah~


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2 thoughts on “U.P.D.A.T.E.S

  1. Lol. that thing is huge @.@

    Is it larger than Momo?


  2. Nope!! Smaller. But it’s a better pillow than her!!!


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