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This is what came from a pop quiz in one of my english class – if you could change one thing about Malaysian, what would it be? It took me quite a while to come out with it, since you know, Malaysian, there are  so many things that they need to change about!

Just like every other post, there’s a little, yes, just a little one this time, contributor, because I see a bigger need, to blog. I just posted one entry for September!!!! Lazy lazy lazy… Or, should I say I was very carefree for the month? Wait!! No no no… I was very busy! What ever it was, get back to my point! Malaysian should consider changing their social behaviour. 95% of Malaysian are rude, and some are even close to uncivilized!

Ill-mannered people are pathetic in the way that, I, personally think that they are insulting themselves. I SYMPATHIZE them! Even if you’re highly educated, if you can’t have a little self respect for yourself, I see there’s no reason people would respect you in turn. It doesn’t make you look high class by swearing using English duh!

Well, my elaboration won’t be complete without example, right? Here:

Uncle : Miss ah.. the pampers, no more M size ah?

Miss(who promotes MILK POWDER) : Err.. yeah, I think no more already.

Uncle : Eh, there’s a box up there ah! How to take ah? You can take for me ah?

Miss(thinking of her 5ft height and looking up the 2-storey high rack) : Sorry, I cant help you la.. I think you should ask the department worker to help you.

Uncle : Hah?? You cannot take? Then how? How to take?

Miss : (expression: *_*)

Uncle : So how to take? How? How to take?

Miss : … (walks away)

It’s like asking color-blind to differentiate colors, a mute to sing. Do you really think that by pushing people around, they’ll be able to help (to change the situation)? Most Malaysian, they are selfish, inconsiderate and dumb! I think this happens everywhere else as well, but not as much as in Malaysia. Malaysian, they are inconsiderate on the road, they are inconsiderate in their sharing space and even inconsiderate when asking for help!

I think they are out-of-sort! They have thinking-in-other’s-shoes disability. I wonder how bad could it get? If it’s contagious, since it’s getting worse by day. Well, if it’s really a disability, then I’m sorry for them. If not, I have two words for them: furk id~


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