l u n a b y s s

About Stupidity

How well can you tolerate stupidity? I’m not good. But I’m good in tolerating. Pretty ironic to find myself stuck in the middle. Well to say how tolerable I am towards stupidity is like measuring how much oxygen I would take up for a day. It differs from time to time and from one case to another. But hell, you can’t pull out a measuring tape and get a reading for your tolerance, can you? The same goes with stupidity.

The question “how stupid is stupid?” is clearly STUPID. It’s hilarious! Like asking “how Luna is Luna?”. We are raised with different degree of tolerant, intelligence, patience (and the list goes on). Justify yourself, if you feel comfortable, just keep your mouth shut, since it somehow makes you feel superior. Let’s be frank, we all like stupidity in someway ’cause it could always make us look smarter. Does it or does it not? And that, I refer to “like”, not “tolerate”. Work with stupid people? Hell NO!!

Now now, to avoid being called “stupid” is easy. Be attentive. You can’t help if you’re born stupid, I assumed you know that(you’re stupid), unless you’re totally PhD-ed(permanent-head-damaged). But at least you can/could try not to look so. Being smart is not easy. Either does being stupid. You have to be VERY ignorant, VERY self-centred and VERY blonde, VERY.. well stupid…

I’m VERY arrogant(note: ARROGANT, not IGNORANT. I can, because I’m smart. Duh!). But I do stupid things, to impress. Or maybe just to let loose of myself.

Well, actually there’s seriously nothing wrong with being stupid as long as you’re happy(that you’re stupid? Gee…). No one can stop you! ^^


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